SoVGA afterthoughts


Having spent every day of the past two months plugging away at this, with no desire to stop (unhealthily so), I can safely say I’m obsessed. This project exposed my 2 major flaws when it comes to time management and working for the pleasure of working. Since it’s education, I devoted more time to this than my everyday life. Two, I got obsessed with the smallest of things and neglected the bigger picture. Having the asset list at hand really pulled me back into the frame of mind for tasks at hand. Post Production is my main area of focus, and obsession. Once I have the sounds I think I need, I’ll go straight to the studio and mash them together for hours until something I see as useful comes out. I have to rely less on post and more on recording at the source. It’ll save so much time in the long run! Enough about that though, the main goal of taking this course was to become as familiar and comfortable with Wwise as any other DAW. It seems to have worked. At least in the sense that I now look at Audio Middle-ware without total and utter confusion. Below I’ve listed a few details about the course worth mentioning. 


Three areas that were good about this course are as follows;

  • Instructor dialogues – I found this not only extremely useful but also a nice personal touch. It felt more like a school than other online courses. Very helpful, always critical and honest. Big thanks Leonard.
  • Useful Tutorials – Aside from the latter nitty gritty tutorials which ended up being the most useful, putting up all the videos associated with Wwise on their own youtube channel really got me to pay attention. They really spell it out word for word.
  • Project Feedback – The one thing i love doing is comparing work methods with other engineers. This helped me out big time seeing the alternate ways to complete a task.

Areas of improvement

These areas are mix of both myself, and the course. They are as follows;

  • Time – I could have chosen a smaller level with less content, I could have used less audio, I could have even just used the audio already there and got this job done faster. The problem was I didn’t want to. I wanted to make the best original audio I could. I wanted to have the best quality, the nicest reverbs, the best sounding monsters. If the latter project had at least double the time associated with it I’m sure the quality level of projects would sky rocket.
  • Boundaries – Being familiar with the AkCube level already, tutors might want to suggest less in depth levels for such a time frame  Maybe have a table arranged with all levels ranging from longest to shortest, most to least content etc. It might help people make a decision faster based on what they want out of the course
  • Nothing else Really – I had too much fun to think of any other issues.

All in all, I’d recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about audio middle ware for games, and improving SFX creation and capturing. 

Check out the Schools home page now and enroll! –


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