Radio Ads

While attending BIFE, Co. Wicklow as a Sound Engineering student, I was tasked with creating advertisements for the annual radio station. It’s runs for one week during the year, with a focus on local talent and content. With that in mind, these ads are connected directly to the college as they advertise course. A big thanks to Nadia Dorcey for supply her exciting and insightful voice over from the previous year to help out.


Something a bit longer

This is partially from college, and partially from my own desire to challenge myself. The opening scene from BladeRunner has always intrigued me. It uses such a specific sounding tone to convey the future Dystopia that we should expect in years to come. A bleak world where the slums lie low, and the modern world rises high above anything that exists today. At least that’s how I see it. The plan was to redo all sounds including the music, SFX, Foley and dialog. It took longer than i expected to get past the initial stage of just what to use, and how to make it my own. The score i went with is a far cry from the original idea i had in mind, also the SFX were mostly layers vocal takes of me, mouthing the sounds as best I could. I made great use of the TAL-NoiseMaker for all electronic elements including the score, low pulses and machine noises. Matching the accents for the dialogue was tricky, but worth it in the end to get it as right as I could. I think I’ll collaborate next time if I do something bigger than this in the same vein. This size was fine going solo, but something bigger would take up way to much free time.

Anyway, Here it is.


iPad Advert.. My Version.

Another take on someone else work.. I do original stuff believe me! Just check out my company website, DeganothSD. . For this video however i wanted to challenge myself and do something with sensitive string arraignments and a moderately excited voice over. I think i did an “ok” job with the VO, more practice needed for sure. The original featured light piano work with a subtle cello leaning in towards the middle. I think the arrangements I made give the video more flow with probably a bit less delicacy. All in all, I’m happy with the result.

Hope you like

Inspiration from Games

From re dubbing the Valve intro Screen, I kept going and ended up with the track heard below. It’s something new for me. I’m very excited about it. I think it represents how the player feels when in a situation of overwhelming  odds. Swamped, lost. Even Vacant.


Song Required! – Something like this

Among the many requests i get from people to create music for certain purpose, one that crops up more often than not is to create a track that sounds like another track. This requires me to follow the same formula used and similar instruments or sounds. A lot of these requests come form game designers who can’t afford, and don’t really want to pay the rights to have the original in their game. Independent game developers usually. The following track is of that variety. It’s design is based off “One more Time” by Daft Punk. Although not identical, similarities can be heard throughout. The original song is linked here.