Song Required! – Something like this

Among the many requests i get from people to create music for certain purpose, one that crops up more often than not is to create a track that sounds like another track. This requires me to follow the same formula used and similar instruments or sounds. A lot of these requests come form game designers who can’t afford, and don’t really want to pay the rights to have the original in their game. Independent game developers usually. The following track is of that variety. It’s design is based off “One more Time” by Daft Punk. Although not identical, similarities can be heard throughout. The original song is linked here.



College work – IFI re sound

This is a bit of college work i did just this year. We were tasked with creating believable Ident videos for existing companies. This is one of my favorites by far. I had a lot of fun with this one. Please note that this was part of a college project. The idea was to mimic or design new sounds for said video. All visual media seen is owned by t the IFI, This is a non profit endeavor.


IFI Ad 3 from Oliver Deegan on Vimeo.

Greetings all

I’ve decided to put some ideas online that i’ve been looking at for a while, and by a while i mean and WHILE! Some are old, some are new. The main premise is sound design for short or long videos. Idents, jingles, ads, short film (hopefully) and more. There will also be a section for music compositions that I arrange from the videos that will be available for download, IF anyone is interested. The first video will be my attempt at re dubbing SMB3 with real world sounds.

More to Come